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endodontic-specialists-staff-photo-sm“Wow, you’re finished?”
“That was easier than a teeth cleaning!”
“But I thought it was going to hurt!”


These are the kinds of things we hear from patients every single day. And that’s pretty rewarding, considering the ugly stories you’ve probably heard about root canals.

That’s why your dentist relies on us to continue your excellent care.

We’ve performed over 36,000 root canals since 1988. So when your dentist refers you to Endodontic Specialists, it’s because he or she wants you to have a pleasant experience with expert treatment and the healthiest smile possible. They want you to be treated in one visit, not multiple visits. They don’t want your root canal to be slow and painful. Here, it’s quick and virtually pain-free. We work together as part of your dental team, making you healthy and pain-free again.

Part of your dental team.

Your dentist has sent you here because he or she cares about your dental health. We work together as a team to offer what’s best for you. We send back a complete report within 24 hours so your dentist knows exactly what we’ve done and how to maintain it. Our Web-based reporting allows referring dentists to log into our website for instant access to this information, and we also provide professional reporting via e-mail and conventional mail.