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Susan I. Silberg, DMD

Our team is proud to shine the spotlight on,

Dr. Susan I. Silberg

as a professional who elevates Endodontic Specialists to new heights.

Dr. Silberg has been with Endodontic Specialists since 2006. She is well known for her compassionate care.  Dr. Silberg completed her endodontic residency and earned her D.M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania and graduated with her B.S. from Brandeis University.


“I always knew I wanted to pursue a specialty career in dentistry, and I find it just as rewarding today. I like being in the business of helping people save their teeth. Even though the procedures are similar, every case is different. That’s what keeps it interesting for me nearly 25 years later. I enjoy the advances in materials and instruments that continue to make the care I provide gentler and more effective.”
– Dr. Susan I. Silberg

Dr. Silberg has three grown children. In her free time Dr. Silberg can likely be found running, skiing, hiking and squeezing in a workout at the gym.

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